Junior Program Billing Policies

Each fall, Chestnut Ridge evaluates approximately 600+ students for 420 slots in the Junior Program. When your child accepts participation in the program, this means that another child has been turned away. Many of those who are turned away then enroll in other programs and are no longer viable replacements for selected students who wish to drop out. Therefore, on January 1, 2009, the following policies were implemented:

  1. Deposit. Upon acceptance to the program, a deposit of half the cost of the program is due. The balance is due on November 1st. Any student who has difficulty meeting this payment schedule may set up a payment schedule with the manager of the club, John Gyug.
  2. No refunds. No refund for any program will be given once a 4week trial period has expired. This is a sufficient length of time to determine the appropriateness of your child’s placement. For example, if your child’s schedule changes, CRRC will make every effort to place him/her in another appropriate group. If this is not possible, your fees will not be refunded unless a replacement can be found for the group.
  3. Injuries / Illness. Any injury/illness will receive a credit which must be used during the time period of the lesson program. No refunds due to injuries.
  4. No makeup lessons. There will be no makeup lessons with the only exceptions for religious holidays and/or weather-related cancellations by the club. These makeup lessons will be held over the February and April school breaks.
  5. All closures and weather-related shutdowns. These will be posted on the Chestnut Ridge website.

Summer Tennis Regulations

  1. No player may enter the courts without proper tennis attire and proper tennis shoes.
  2. Courts are open 7:30am and close 1/2 hour before dusk.
  3. Periods of play will be limited to one hour and thirty minutes for doubles; one hour for singles.
  4. On weekends and holidays, no outdoor or indoor courts will be set aside for reservations.
  5. All outdoor and indoor courts will be assigned at the discretion of the “starter”. Courts will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. All players must be present before a court is assigned.
  6. In the event of rain, players may elect to continue play in the starter tennis program indoors.
  7. Court time will be billed at the reduced summer rate.
  8. On weekdays, a signup board is provided indicating the time that play begins. Players not using the signup board may be required to yield the court.
  9. Members are responsible for signing in their guests and paying guest fees.
  10. The club manager, “starter” or head tennis professional shall determine if the courts are playable.
  11. Members are encouraged to participate in tournaments appropriate to their interests and are asked to plan their informal play around the scheduled events set forth in the Calendar .
  12. Tournament play of all kinds takes precedence over informal play.
  13. On weekends, holidays and weekdays after 5pm, children under the age of 16 shall yield the courts to working adults. Preference will be given to working adults on weekend mornings.
  14. Juniors shall have priority on the outdoor courts Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 1pm and 4pm for team matches and team practices as per the team schedule.
  15. The tennis professional shall have the use of Court #7 Monday through Thursday from 12noon to 5pm.
  16. The women’s teams shall have priority on the outdoor courts Monday through Thursday 9am until 12 noon as per league.
  17. The men’s and women’s teams shall have priority on the outdoor courts Monday through Thursday 6pm until dusk.
  18. All facilities at the Chestnut Ridge Racquet Club are used at the players own risk.
  19. Chestnut Ridge Racquet Club, Inc., reserves the right to cancel this agreement for inconsiderate conduct, for removing towels provided by the club, for littering of the courts, Club House, locker rooms, damage to club grounds, etc., or for any violation of any of the Club’s rules.

Contract Court Rules

  • Proper tennis apparel and proper tennis shoes are required on the courts.
  • Players who are registered with a group and have paid a registration fee for the current season may play with other groups without being required to pay a guest fee.
  • Non­playing guests are not permitted on the courts.
  • Children of members or guests under 12 years of age shall be permitted in the club house only if playing tennis, receiving instruction or accompanied by a member or a guest. Such children shall not be left unattended either in the club house or on the club grounds, and shall not be left in the attendance of a person unless such person is 18 years of age or more. No child shall bring food to be eaten at the club nor shall such child be permitted to run freely in the club or do such acts which might inconvenience the members or cause damage to the club house. The parent or the guest responsible for the child shall assume any expenses or damages caused by the child. Pets are not permitted on the club grounds or in the club building.
  • All facilities at the Chestnut Ridge Racquet Club are used at the players’ own risk.
  • Chestnut Ridge Racquet Club, Inc. reserves the right to cancel this agreement for inconsiderate conduct, for removing towels provided by the club, for littering of courts, club house, locker rooms, grounds, damage to club grounds, etc., or for the violation of any of the club’s rules.
  • Should any court become unplayable in the opinion of the manager, the group of players thereby prevented from playing will be offered an equivalent amount of makeup time during the indoor season vacation schedule or during the summer.
  • The club will be open seven days per week during the winter season.