Gregg Sulzer
  • Hometown: Bedford, NY
  • Started at Chestnut: 2014
  • Age Started: 10
  • Racket: Wilson Hammer 5.3
  • Favorite Pro: Björn Borg

Gregg Sulzer grew up in Bedford, New York, and is a product of CRRC. For three years he played #1 for Fox Lane High School and was ranked in the Top 15 in the Eastern Section. At, 18, he decided to switch his focus to music while continuing to teach tennis to support his music habit.

Gregg has taught at many clubs in the area, including Grand Slam and Sound Shore, as well as the Brae Burn Country Club and Ridgeway Country Club.

Gregg is back to doing what he does best, which is living in the moment and embracing each day with a feeling of gratitude for the opportunity of sharing the gift of how to hit a great topspin forehand.