During the summer at Chestnut Ridge, there are several different types of memberships available.

A Weekday League Membership entitles you to play Monday through Thursday ONLY and to play for your team.

A Full League Membership entitles you to all membership benefits icluding any match fees for your team, but only until the end of league play. Typically this is August 1st.

A Full Summer Membership entitles you to retain, for the entire summer, all membership benefits including reduced indoor court fees, weekend "starter tennis" and participation in all special events.

Weekend Doubles program - Starter Tennis

Starter Tennis is a unique program which does not require a player to organize his or her own game. It is ideal for players who enjoy a variety of opponents, or those whose schedules require flexibility. if you have a pressing commitment, there is no need to find a substitute or miss your game. You can simply come over to CRRC at a more convenient time. There is no need to call ahead. All that you need to do is appear ready and eager to play. We will take care of the rest.

The outdoor summer weekend doubles program runs from 8:00am-2:00pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from the first weekend in May through the first weekend after Labor Day in September.

*For those who are not winter members, the summer registration fee is $25.

Pay-As-You-Go Option: Pay a fee for each team match that you play either Home or Away.

Summer 2018

  • Dates
    5/1/2018 - 9/9/2018 (20 weeks)
  • Session Rates
  • MITL (Metropolitan Interclub Tennis League) or HVL (Hudson Valley League) - Full League Membership May 1 - July 1 (includes weekend starter tennis)
  • MITL or HVL - Weekday League Membership May 1 - July 1
  • USTA Full League Membership May 1 - August 1 (includes weekend starter tennis and MITL / HVL membership)
  • USTA Weekday League Membership May 1 - August 1 (includes MITL / HVL weekday membership)
  • Full Summer Membership May 1 - September 25 (includes USTA, MITL, HVL and weekend starter tennis)
  • USTA Pay-As-You-Go per matches played, both home and away
  • USTA Pay-As-You-Go Senior - Outdoor only, $20 for all matches played, both home and away. Home matches may be played indoor for $25 per player.


Save time! download the Registration Agreement to review and sign before you come in. Click Here (PDF)

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