During both the indoor and outdoor seasons, Chestnut Ridge offers private, semi-private, and drill group lessons for adults and juniors. These types of lessons are set up by arrangement with members of the professional staff.

Private lessons, semi-private lessons and drill sessions all are important when a player is looking to improve. Private lessons are the easiest way to make technical improvements but can also be used simply to get a great workout. Semi-private lessons are especially advantageous for top-level players looking to improve their stamina and consistency. Drill sessions offer players the opportunity to hone their skills in a wide variety of game-situation drills.


Private Tennis Lessons (Adults & Juniors)

Brad Breakstone, Director of Tennis, $60 per 1/2 hour; $115 per hour
Bob Schewior, Director Emeritus: $65 per 1/2 hour; $125 per hour
Seth Roberts / Olga Warshaw/John James: $60 per 1/2 hour; $115 per hour
Associate Pros: $55 1/2 hour / $110 hour

Semi-private Lessons (Adults & Juniors)

Bob Schewior: $130 hour (2 students $65 each)
Brad Breakstone/ Seth Roberts/ John James / Olga Warshaw: $120 hour (2 students $60 each)
Associate Pros: $116 hour (2 students $58 each)

Adult Drill Sessions

All pros (except John James)

  • 3 students: 1 hour $43 per person; 1½ hour $65 per person
  • 4 students: 1 hour $40 per person; 1½ hour $60 per person

John James:

  • 3 students: 1½ hour $68 per person
  • 4 students: 1½ hour $60 per person

These lessons are tailored according to your individual schedule.


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