Junior Tennis Overview

Chestnut Ridge offers year-round instructional and competitive programs for all juniors (ages 5-18), from beginners through advanced tournament players. In 2014, over 15 Chestnut Ridge students possessed national, sectional, or regional rankings.

We strongly believe that the potential for improvement begins with the correct placement of students among their peers. Therefore when forming groups, our staff carefully evaluates all prospective students, and separates them into over 20 age/ability categories. Group lessons are scheduled Monday through Friday between 3-7pm. If your schedule is flexible we can find the right placement for you. Mid-season placements will be pro-rated.

Programs by Season


From September through May, the focal points of the CRRC junior development system are the Junior Tennis Clinics, the Junior Championship Program, and the Chestnut Ridge Select Training program.
These instructional groups run for the entire season.
The Junior Match Play program, as well as private lessons, supplement the group program during the indoor season.


The Spring instructional program serves as an excellent springboard for a summer of intensive tennis.
Typically, we attempt to maintain a low student-teacher ratio of 3 or 4 to 1 during the six weeks of the Spring program.
Each of the Winter instructional programs continues in the Spring.


The Chesnut Ridge Summer Tournament Training program offers an ideal way to both improve the skills and conditioning of serious players as well as establish solid technique for players at a more elementary level.

Any junior who participates in the lesson program at CRRC is eligible to play for the NWJTL (Northern Westchester Junior Tennis League) A, B or C Teams.

  • In 2014, the B Team won its division.
  • In 2013, the A Team won its division.

The Chestnut Ridge Advantage

The primary goal of the CRRC program is to develop each individual player to the best of his/her ability. This will enable each of our players to enjoy playing tennis for the rest of their lives - tennis is the sport of a lifetime. Good sportsmanship and fairness in competition are also an integral part of the lessons taught at Chestnut Ridge.

  • Most of our pro staff has held either an international or national ranking.
  • Our years of experience and expertise are valuable assets for your child.
  • In 2014, over 15 Chestnut Ridge students possessed national, sectional, or regional rankings.

Chestnut Ridge Select Training

Chestnut Ridge Select Training is a program for tournament and serious middle school and high school level players where both tactical and technical skills are developed. Movement is emphasized with both dead ball feeds to develop the proper "feel" of all of the strokes and live ball game situation drills which provide the repetition necessary to make for successful shot execution under pressure. Special Select Training groups for 12 and under players will be run on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-6pm. Contact Olga for more information.

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Group, Private, Semi-Private Lessons, and Drill Sessions

During both the indoor and outdoor seasons, Chestnut Ridge offers private, semi-private, and drill group lessons for adults. These types of lessons are set up by arrangement with members of the professional staff.

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Junior Championship Program

Our Junior Championship Program provides a challenging instructional and match play environment for the student looking to play highly competitive tennis. The program's focus is on planning and execution of time-tested patterns of play and learning how to adjust a game plan based upon the score. In addition, technical refinements are emphasized for each student on an individualized basis.

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Junior Match Play (Ladder)

Chestnut Ridge's unique and oft-copied Ladder Play (a.k.a Junior Match Play) provides students with matches against players who are of equal ability and makes the learning and teaching process much more valuable.

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Junior Tennis Clinics

The Chestnut Ridge Junior Tennis Clinics follow our time-tested small group lesson format, and are limited to four (4) students per court with players matched for age and ability.

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Junior Summer Tournament Training

The Chestnut Ridge Junior Summer Tournament Training program provides intensive training for the serious junior player who is regularly competing in tournaments and matches. The training sessions will include work on the four main ingredients of playing high-level tennis. The morning session will also accommodate less-advanced players.

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