What Is Your Tennis IQ?

Tennis IQ question #1

Format: I will give you some background and then pose a question. The question may be tactical, shot selection, error correction or any other type of question relating to playing intelligent tennis.

Background: Two very evenly-matched 4.5-level women are nearing the end of the first set. The server is trailing 3-5 and has yet to win her serve. A long deuce game ensues with several ads for each player. The server twice forges ahead only to have her opponent hit successive backhand return of serve winners at ad-in. At deuce, the returner nets a second serve forehand return to give the server yet another ad.

Q: Where should the server direct her first serve?

A. Forehand

B. Backhand

C. Just get it in

A: Forehand. While mixing serving targets is part of any plan against a quality opponent, playing to the recent evidence supersedes it in this case. Pick on that weaker forehand!

Bob Schewior

Bob Schewior Director Emeritus

Bob Schewior has been the Director of Tennis at CRRC since 1985. His playing accomplishments include playing #1 at Rutgers University 1971-73. In 1988 and 1991, he was ranked in the Top 20 nationally in Men’s 35 and 40 Singles respectively as well as a #6 national ranking in Men’s 35 Doubles in 1988.

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